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PRG Forum is the conduit that transforms your creative vision and dedicated efforts into a technical and production reality that deeply engages audiences at a profound level. In collaboration with brands, agencies, associations, and trade show clients, PRG Forum curates moments that leave an indelible mark. We assemble the industry's foremost problem-solvers, stress-relievers, and revitalizers to infuse efficiency, expertise, and innovation into events of all magnitudes. PRG Forum delivers unparalleled technical production excellence, offering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing lighting, audio, staging, LED, projection, engineering, project management, and more, ensuring your events shine brilliantly.


Who WE Are

PRG is the world’s leading provider of services and solutions in entertainment and events. We bring industry-leading creativity, experience, and technology to every project we undertake. Our teams consist of the most accomplished experts, engineers and craftspeople working in theatre, film, tv, broadcast, concert touring, corporate events and hotels and staging. With 250 patents and over 70 trademarks, we are a company defined by innovation. And, through our network of 70 offices spanning five continents, PRG is capable of delivering for its customers anywhere on the globe.

Founded in 2009, The Forum Group is a diversified global enterprise that includes operations across sports, entertainment and production; as well as manufacturing and distribution of commercial goods & services. Our purpose is to create growth opportunities in areas of strategic interest through ownership and investments by leveraging the collective thought leadership of our partners and advisors across various industries.

Studio2055 is Downtown Toronto’s leading modern media production company. We create visual stories, art and commercials for the, advertising and corporate markets.


Kevin Columbus
Executive Chairman & Founding Partner
M. Cole Jones
Founding Partner